Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Balance & Equilibrium

Through the study of science and nature, you can see that everything tries to conserve energy and stay in a state of equilibrium or balance. In oriental medicine, we look at yin and yang. Yin is considered more feminine or passive, while yang is much more aggressive or masculine. We all have a certain level of energy we maintain, and a balance of yin and yang traits.

Through studying in Dr. John F. Demartini’s Concourse of Wisdom and Healing, has taught that we all have every trait. These traits are may be expressed or repressed in any of the 7 areas of life (spiritual, physical, mental, vocational, financial, social and familial). These individual traits may be considered good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, a benefit or drawback. These traits can only be judged to be good or bad, based upon someone’s own, individual value system.

Under a different set of circumstances a trait that is typically repressed, may be beneficially or appropriately expressed to our benefit. But, truly all traits serve us and we just view them in a certain light. In order to reach our goals it is best to learn to love all of these traits and be able to adapt and utilize them naturally according to the situation.

Many people think that one should always be nice. But, have you ever had the experience of being too nice, and being walked upon?? Have you ever experienced being harsh with someone and later regretting it?? Actually, whether nice or mean, however we are being serves us and serves others. Recognizing this, it would best serve us to be able to pick and choose the trait that allows us to reach our goals as quickly as possible. Learning to apply traits that we normally repress may bring us to a new and higher state of chaos, which will bring us new lessons.

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