Monday, April 14, 2008

Power of Possibility

In aikido we learn about the power of possibility through our tactile senses. When someone attacks you and is much stronger than you, we might rate that strength a 10. Perhaps our strength is only a 1, but when they meet and we use the connection, a relationship is born. The relationship, and both of our commitment to it creates a vast variety of possibilities. When this committed relationship exists our power, can be multiplied. We may even find that the commitment ratio of 1:10 changes dramatically. It is no longer a matter of strength. This relationship now creates power and this is true power. Despite their physical strength being much greater, our power developed from being centered creates possibilities for thousands of techniques to spring forth. The understanding, sensing and working with the relationship actually, builds your power. Instead of fighting strength versus strength, where your attacker would have easily won, working on the connection that was built raises the engagement an octave to a whole new concentric sphere. Your strength remains the same but your power is limitless.

Through a variety of training I have received in the past through Aikido, Landmark Education, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Demartini’s Concourse of Wisdom and Healing, I have learned ways to see and create possibilities, eliminate deterrants, and limiting beliefs.

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